Stacking is one of the activities every nootropic user has to master at some point. It is one of the most effective ways for you to get the optimal cognitive enhancements. If you are already impressed with the effects your single supplement gives, wait until you have tried this neat trick. It is simply amazing.

This article seeks to help you start your own stack. It presents a few simple stacks that beginners should try.


Stacking is a pretty basic activity. All you have to do is choose a couple of nootropics and start taking them together. Of course, you have to choose carefully. You can’t just pick things at random. That is why you need to have a basic understanding of how these nootropics work and what they do, specifically.

The idea behind this is that the different supplements you choose should complement each other. This means that when taken together, they should create a cognitive impact that is greater than what they would normally generate if consumed individually.

Obviously, this is easier said than done. That is why the following sections are there to help guide you as you start experimenting with nootropic stacks.

Increased Focus: Caffeine-Theanine Stack

One of the simplest but most effective stacks you can try, the combination of L-theanine and caffeine is simply perfect for anyone new to the concept of stacking. This particular stack perfectly illustrates how two nootropic supplements can perfectly blend together to wonderful results.

As you may already know, caffeine is the nootropic that gives users immense levels of concentration and focus. It also enhances your learning ability to great effects. In short, it gives you the ability to effectively absorb new information in order to perform a task at hand. However, too much caffeine can also bring out its negative side-effects such as sleeplessness, anxiety, irritability, and high blood pressure.

These negative side-effects is precisely what makes L-Theanine so important to the stack. With the introduction of this supplement, you can effectively eliminate those downsides.  This means that you get to enjoy the heightened sense of reality you get from caffeine without the risk of overdoing it.

Just remember that you need to balance these two supplements. A 2:1 ratio in favor of caffeine should be enough to do the job.

General Cognitive Enhancer: Racetam Stack

Most nootropic users start with Piracetam. It is designed to give you a wide range of cognitive improvements such as sharper memory, enhanced focus, and a general improvement in your cognitive processes.

However, one of its most common drawbacks is the mild headaches they induce. This is actually a sign that the drug is doing its job, as a headache means that your brain is functioning at a higher level than it did before.

Of course, no one wants to be in pain. That is why it is crucial for new users to combine their racetam with choline. This particular supplement will alleviate that pain while also complementing the cognitive enhancements being generated by the racetam.

Like with anything else, you should start stacking slowly. Take your time, give your brain the opportunity to adjust and get used to the supplements you are taking.